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The words you use to express yourself say more about you than you realize. This is especially true in a job interview. Yet when it comes to interviews many job seekers feel nervous and tongue-tied. What they need are ready-to-use phrases to show they have the skills and experience to excel in the position. In Perfect Phrases for the Perfect Interview, job seekers get hundreds of precise answers to the questions they are sure to be asked. The author of Boost Your Interview IQ, Carole Martin provides job seekers with hundreds of ready-to-use and exact phrases that will give them the edge over their competition. Using her experience as a career consultant, she gives readers the answers that hiring managers want to hear. Job seekers will receive the best answers to a wide range of questions, including: . icebreaker questions and questions about previous experience . questions employers ask about the specific skills they want in a new hire, such as the willingness to take initiative, the experience to solve complex problems, and the ability to work with others . the tough questions-like getting fired from a previous job or having a poor relationship with your boss-that are sure to come up . job-specific questions for positions found in most industries, such as sales, finance, customer support, administrative, and other common areas . questions that are asked specifically during interviews for management positions Readers also receive exercises and resources to help job seekers further prepare for their big day. Throughout the book, Martin discusses words to avoid and provides proven tips on showing how you are the best candidate for the job. The precise words and phrases in this book become a secret weapon that any job seeker can use to outshine their competition and to get the job of their dreams.

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